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365 Days of Creation

The Bowls

Where is All Started


On June 22, 2014 I began A journey that would change my life forever.

I was sitting in a chair at a table, on the campus of CCAD listening to the infamous Cat Sheridan speak to a room full of art educators. She was leading a session about cultivating a daily habit.

Honestly, I wasn't very tuned in to what she was saying until she started speaking about other disciplines. She said, "athletes practice every day and so do musicians, why shouldn't artists?"  

At that moment something in my brain clicked into place. As a former athlete and musician I understood the power of practice. 

Up till this point in my life I believed  I had some artistic talent but I wasn't a genius or exceptionally talented so I was resigned to teach art and make art for myself and close friends. I had been happily plodding along dreaming of becoming an "artist" touched with the "gift" and imagining my work  in a gallery "someday".

 So Cat challenged us to create for the next five days. The assignment was:

1. Pick something portable that could be done anywhere.
2. Pick something you want to improve.
3. Do it everyday for no more than an hour.
4. The work must start and be completed during that time.
5. Pick a time and a space and protect it, do not let distractions happen.
6. Be accountable, post it on social media.

The words "the next five days" weren't even out of her mouth before I thought to myself, "Why only five days? If I want to be an artist I have to do it every day."

In that moment, I  committed to doing something every day for the next year.

To me there was no going back.

Day One and Two (June 21, 2014 and June 22, 2014

A five day challenge turned into a 365 day odyssey.

The next question was what to make... 

I really wanted to work with ceramics but had always been told not to work with clay in your house. It’s just too messy and the dust is not good for you. So, with the help of Cat and my good friend Mindy I came up with the idea to make small pinch pot bowls. I didn’t need any tools except my hands, they would be small and clean up would be minimal.  I could even sit in a chair without a table and make them.

There really wasn't question of when this would happen. I needed a protected time when my kids and husband wouldn't need me. I am, by nature, a morning person so 4:45 in the morning would be my chosen time. It was the only time my house was quiet and if I got up early enough, I knew I wouldn’t get interrupted.

There was only one space that I could use in the house. It was my formal family room. It was the one room the kids weren’t really supposed to be in, but it was also the only room that was clean and orderly on a daily basis. I wasn’t sure I wanted to sacrifice the space.

It turned out it wasn’t a problem. I could clean up quickly and it was a beautiful place to wake up, make art and watch the sun rise. Eventually it would turn into a ritual of making my bowls and my 4 1/2 year old twin boys waking up and cuddling on the couch with me. It was a wonderful way to start my day. (Eventually I would move to the formal dining room when the collection of bowls started to take over the space.)

The Quotes

Begin with a friend and a CCAD Dean

I knew that making a bowl a day wasn't going to be enough. At dinner, Thursday night of the week the bowl project started, a conversation inspired the application of the quotes. We were talking about "catch phrases" that could sum up our approach to life. I knew exactly what mine would be, "Watch Me." All my life I would say I wanted to do some outrageous thing, people would tell me I was crazy and I would say, "Watch me." and I would go ahead and do the crazy thing.

The Dean's catch phrase was "Go big or go home." and my best friend was I gave her one, "I got this." because no matter how hard life got, she had it under control.

Those quotes became the start of the words I applied to the bowls. I sought out quotes from family member, friends and people I met during that time. I also used lyrics of songs, poems, famous quotes and things pulled from current events.

To this day I can tell you when most quotes happened during the year and sho or what inspired them.


The Journey of the Bowls

Landmark, CAW Group Exhibition, Schott Tower, Fort Hayes, Columbus Ohio


Landmark was a huge leap of faith for me, into the world of being a "real" artist. It was the first time I had put so much of myself, and my work out into the world for everyone to see.

Noves Histories: Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition OSU Urban Art Space


Awarded 3rd Place

Personal Collections around the United States


Nothing is more satisfying than sharing my work with the world. Over half the bowls found homes around the country in the month following the OAL Exhibition